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Canada - Royal Canadian Mint
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Canada - Royal Canadian Mint

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This section of Obscure Finds Numismatic Collection is about a Mint (an industrial facility which manufactures coins for currency) from the Canada region referred to as the Royal Canadian Mint.

Canada - Royal Canadian Mint is located at:
320 Sussex Dr Ottawa, ON K1A 0G8

Canada - Royal Canadian Mint

Canada - Royal Canadian Mint

Royal Canadian Mint
Royal Canadian Mint
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Ottawa Geo Location
Latitude: 45.4321
Longitude: -75.6994
Elevation: 230
Royal Canadian Mint
Address: 320 Sussex Dr Ottawa, ON K1A 0G8
Phone: 1-800-268-6468

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Canada - Royal Canadian Mint Description

Royal Canadian Mint - Monnaie Royale Canadienne

The Royal Canadian Mint's headquarters occupy the historic building in central Ottawa where the Mint was founded in 1908. Today, the Ottawa facility produces hand-crafted collector and commemorative coins, gold bullion coins, medals and medallions. This is where the master tooling is done to create the dies that strike coin designs for both circulation and commemorative issues. The Mint's gold refining and advanced engineering operations are also located here in Ottawa.

Join us for interactive, guided tours featuring displays and behind-the-scenes looks at the Royal Canadian Mint's state-of-the-art facilities in Ottawa and Winnipeg. Finish your tour in our boutique where you can shop for collector coins, gifts, souvenirs and an exclusive line of Royal Canadian Mint clothing. To see our newest collections of gold and silver coins, look no further than the Royal Canadian Mint's Boutiques located in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver.


Royal Canadian Mint Facilities

RCM Ottawa Mint Facility
RCM Winnipeg Mint Facility
RCM Vancouver Mint Store

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint (French: Monnaie royale canadienne) produces all of Canada's circulation coins, and manufactures circulation coins on behalf of other nations. The Mint also designs and manufactures: precious and base metal collector coins; gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion coins; medals, as well as medallions and tokens. It further offers gold and silver refinery and assay services.

The Royal Canadian Mint is a Canadian Crown Corporation, and operates under the legislative basis of the Royal Canadian Mint Act. As a Crown Corporation, it is 100% owned by the Government of Canada, which is its sole shareholder. It also serves the public’s interest while mandated to operate “in anticipation of profit”, meaning that it functions in a commercial manner and does not rely on taxpayer support to fund its operations. Like private sector companies, the Mint has a Board of Directors consisting of a Chair, the President and CEO of the Mint and eight other Directors.